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Harry Fetters

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In Memory of ...

Lion Harry Fetters

1931 - 2006

Mill Creek Lions Club Member

From September 9, 2000 to November 18, 2006

Harry Fetters was a great guy and a super Lion who will truly be missed by the Mill Creek Lions Club.  He was the kind of Lion you could count on to be there when we had a project.  He especially liked to work at our Lions Club Garage Sales and the Lions Health Screening Unit.  He always took the blood pressure because he knew how important it was since he had high blood pressure himself. 

Being the retired bean-counter that he was, Harry was also a great cashier at the Lions Corn booth at the fair in Monroe!  And when our club struggled for years to get our 501(c)3 tax status, Lion Harry finally took the bull by the horns and followed every bit of the government red-tape paperwork through to the end until we actually had our very own Mill Creek Lions Club Foundation set up and ready to give tax receipts for donations!  What a guy! 

Lion Harry joined the Mill Creek Lions Club on September 9th of 2000 and Donna Stewart was his sponsor.  He served as our club President in 2002-2003.  Previously he had been a member of the Richland Lions Club for seven years, serving as their club president in 1964-1965, until a work transfer moved him to Illinois in 1967.  Lion Harry served the Mill Creek Lions Club for many years as a member of the Membership Committee and it's chairman in 2005-2006.  He also served for two years as the club's Welfare Chairman and worked for a number of years with the Leo's Club at Jackson High School, often taking them his special home-baked cookies.  He was Lion of the Year in 2005. 

We are all better for having known Lion Harry.  We will miss him very much...

Corn Booth - 2004

Harry taking blood pressure


Garage Sale - 2003


Lions Club Picnic - 2003

Installation - 2003

Christmas Party 2004


Harry & Diana

at Installation - 2003

Corn Booth - 2003

Garage Sale - 2005


Garage Sale - 2005

Health Screening - 2004

Harry & Karen Bell at

Corn Booth - 2003


Harry & Rich Bell - 2004


Sunny, Harry & Cheryl at Walmart (Health Screening Unit - 2003)

Picnic - 2003


Health Screening Unit - 2003

Installation of Directors - 2005


Harry Fetters - Mill Creek

Lion of the Year 2005!


Installation of Directors - 2005




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To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation.


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