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Meet the Traveling Mill Creek Lion!


In some circles they have a "Traveling Gnome" but we have something much better!  We have the "Traveling Mill Creek Lion" and he's coming to your front yard soon if you're a member of the Mill Creek Lions Club...  Be prepared!  You may want to get your kitty litter ready now! 


So when he arrives, roll out the Red Carpet for him!  Treat him well, dress him up, show him the town and take many pictures with him and submit your favorite to our Traveling Lion Photo Contest (See Below). 


For more information, see the information document or the packet that travels with the Lion when he arrives at your doorstep!




Our Traveling Lion has gotten lost...


He was last seen visiting Lion Larry's House...



We understand he made a visit to the Vet's Office!




Dr. Trish says the prognosis is good!

We hear that the Lion is considering going into medicine!


Lion Sabrina treated our Traveling Lion to a Lei and a little Hawaiian Hula as she prepares to move from the Pacific NW to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands! 


We'll miss you Swiss Miss!


Lions Marlene & Melissa took the Little Fellow down to the Pet Store!  He made himself right at home!


Our little Lion had quite a long visit out on the farm with Lions Rich & Karen and their little granddaughter Megan! 


It seems he really enjoyed the tractor!



Our Traveling Lion checked out some good books at the Mill Creek Library during his visit with Lions Roy & Marilyn and then he was off again!  

After a long visit with our Snohomish County Sheriff & his wife, our little Lion friend decided to finally move on...


After a long bike ride

 the Mill Creek Lion and I

 decided to stop at the Market

 to smell the new fall flowers. 



We met up with Lion Sunny

 and decided to go to

our favorite watering hole. 


Then the party really got started. 

We Mill Creek Lions

know how to have fun! 



One week with the Shoves and

the Mill Creek Lion

becomes a real party animal! 






Mill Creek Traveling Lion Photo Contest

Submit your photo with the Traveling Lion

via e-mail in .jpg or .gif format

to Lion Kathy

to enter the photo contest!




Name the Lion Contest...

Names Entered:

1.  Clarence - Submitted by Rob

2.  "Rory" (like "Roar") - Submitted by Melissa  


Our little Lion friend

needs a name! 


Submit your

entry via e-mail

to Lion Kathy

to enter the







If you don't like

these names, you need to submit some other ideas!


3.  Mutota - Submitted by Sunny

The year was 1440. The King was Mutota. In any other European country he would have been known as Mutota the Great. He and his council was quick to see that even the most advance states each standing independently and alone, were doomed to European criminal exploits unless unified into a single nation with a strong central government. This also should be achieve through voluntary association if possible. Mutota and the new leaders understood this very well. Therefore, Mutota, in 1440, began the campaign to carry out his grand design. This was a great plan aimed at nothing less than uniting Africans into a vast empire that cut across South Africa below the Limpopo river, and covered Zimbabwe with an indefinite boundary beyond the Zambezi River in Zambia, and on over Mozambique to the Indian Ocean, sweeping southward again to re-posses the entire coastline fronting the New Empire. This area contained the majority of the world precious metals such as gold, copper, tin and iron held in over 4000 mines. After 30 years of struggle, unity was finally achieve in 1480 into the Empire of Monomotapa.


4.  I like "Lionel" or "Gus"...

     No reason, just think a lion named Gus would make sense!

             - Submitted by Phil Osterholt




Lions International Mission Statement
To create and foster a spirit of understanding among all people for humanitarian needs by providing voluntary services through community involvement and international cooperation.


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